San Diego Dog Bite Lawyers- 5 Cities With The Most Dog Attacks

Top 5 Cities With The Most Dog Attacks

It’s a well known fact that people have a profound love for dogs. Unfortunately however, many dogs simply do not love us back. Statistics indicate that approximately 4.7 – 5 million American suffer dog bites on a yearly basis. Of those numbers, 800,000 include serious incidents where the attacks were so severe that the victims needed medical attention. What’s so alarming about this fact is that dogs can run viscous just about everywhere. But, statistics that were gathered from the U.S. Postal Service suggests that this problem may be bigger in some cities than it is in others. In this post we’re going to take a look at the top worst cities for dog attacks.

5) Dallas, Texas
Coming in at number 5 is Dallas. The United States Postal Service, proclaimed that of a total of 5,767 employees that were attacked by dogs in total, approximately 43 of them occurred in Dallas, Texas.

4) Chicago, Illinois
Coming in at number 4, is Chicago. Statistics show that as much as 45 postal employees were attached by dogs within this area. Many experts believe that dog attacks were particularly high in this area due to the fact that Chicago is a very population dense city, and as such, more people have dogs there than any other city within Illinois.

3) San Diego, California
At number 3 we have San Diego. Approximately 47 postal employees were attacked by dogs within this area. What’s so interesting about this fact is that, year after year statistics show that San Diego remains within the top 5 list of cities with the most dog attacks. So much so that the term “dog bite lawyer in San Diego” is one of the most utilized search terms that occur via search engine inquiry, year after year. As such, if you know someone who has sustained a dog attack in San Diego, or if you yourself has sustained a dog bite injury in San Diego, it’s highly recommended that you contact a dog bite lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible.

2) Houston, Texas
The second worst city for dog attacks in America is Texas. Reports indicate that 62 postal employees sustained a dog injury within this area. When you look at the fact that Texas is listed by the AVMA as being one of the top ten states for dog ownership and the fact that Houston is the capital of Texas, these numbers do not come as a surprise.

1) Los Angeles, California
At number 1 we have Los Angeles which the USPS stated that 74 dog attacks had occurred. Many experts believe that as more and more people move to Los Angles for better opportunities and more desirable attractions, more and more people are bringing their pets with them.

San Diego Dog Bite Lawyer 
If you live within California and have sustained a dog bite injury in San Diego, it’s highly recommended that you contact a dog bite lawyer in San Diego as soon as possible. As per the personal injury law, you are entitled to financial compensation for injuries that you have sustained as a result of said dog attack in San Diego, regardless if the pain you experience is as a result of a physical or an emotional injury.