All Case Results

The description anywhere on this web site of the results of any specific case or transaction does not mean or suggest that similar results can or could be obtained in any other matter. Each legal matter should be considered to be unique and subject to varying results.

$337,000 Dog Bite – Pit Bull

$337,000 trial verdict for a 9 year old girl who suffered scars to her forehead, left arm and left leg as a result of being bitten and dragged by a pit bull terrier. The insurance carrier for the Defendant offered $60,000 in response to a $200,000 insurance policy limits demand and ultimately ended up paying the verdict plus interest and litigation costs.

$275,000 Dog Bite – Child

$275,000 settlement at Mediation for a 3 year old child who was knocked down and bitten by a large dog, resulting in facial scarring and mental trauma.

$250,000 Dog Bite

$250,000 settlement for a 50 year old woman who incurred back injuries and facial scarring after being attacked by a pit bull.

$1.25 million Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident-Fractured Femur/Internal Injuries
$1.25 million dollar policy limits settlement for a 21 yr. old student who suffered a femur fracture, a pneumothorax, a right radius and ulna fracture, broken fingers and lacerations to his liver, pancreas and stomach when he was struck by a vehicle on a back country road.

$1 million Truck Accident

$1 million to a truck driver who was injured when the hooks attached to the engine hood in the vehicle he was operating malfunctioned, blocking his vision and causing him to crash. He suffered serious spine injuries, including thoracic compression fractures and a neck injury resulting in the need for a C3-4 decompression and fusion surgery.

$5.5 million Amputation

5.5 million for a landscaper who was struck by a vehicle and suffered a above the knee amputation of his right leg, a femur fracture to his left leg and numerous other injuries.

$850,000 Auto Accident-Femur Fracture

$850,000 settlement for a 38 year old man who fractured his femur when his vehicle was hit head on by another vehicle. The settlement utilized a structured settlement annuity that resulted in a lifetime income for the injured man that could result in a $4.5 million total payout.

$535,000 Pedestrian Accident

Injured Pedestrian/ Skull Fracture/ Fractured Ulna
$535,000 mediation settlement for a minor who was walking near an intersection and was struck by an out of control vehicle. She suffered a depressed skull fracture, a fractured jaw and a fractured ulna of her right arm.

$1.688 million Fall From Ladder

$1.688 million for a painter who fell from a ladder that was not properly adhered to an uneven work site surface. No lanyards or protections provided. He suffered permanent life changing injuries including a left femur fracture, T4-T6 thoracic compression fractures and bladder, bowel and sexual impairment.

$500,000 Premises Liability

Premises Liability / Dangerous Stairway Construction / Shoulder and Neck Surgery
$500,000 for an insurance agent who injured her neck and shoulder when she fell down an interior commercial stairwell that was improperly constructed. The stairs as constructed contained multiple building code violations and as a result of her fall she was forced to have cervical disc surgery and a shoulder decompression surgery.