Dog Bite Lawyer in San Diego County- How to Prevent a Dog Bite

How to prevent a dog bite 

The most effective way to prevent dog bites is being armed with ample and useful information. Dog bite attorneys in San Diego are aware of the alarming number of dog bite victims in the area. Our participating dog bite attorneys have dealt with numerous dog bite cases in the county of San Diego and can advise you on the best way to avoid a dog bite injury. Let us delve more into this:

Dog owners in San Diego should ensure that they properly train and socialize their dogs. One of the reasons dogs portray aggressive behavior is due to improper training. Another way to prevent a dog bite injury in San Diego is to educate your children on how to interact with the pets in the home, as many dog attacks happen there.

In essence, everyone is a potential dog bite victim. Here is information on the best way to prevent the possibility of a dog attack:

  1. a) Be polite, and respect the dog’s personal space. When ensuring that there is space between you and the dog, do not run away or turn your back on him. His natural instinct will be to chase you.
  2. b) Do not approach an unfamiliar dog, especially if he is tied or confined behind a fence or car. Strange dogs are more likely to see you as intruder
  3. c) Do not pet a dog, even your own, without allowing him to first see and sniff you
  4. d) Do not disturb a dog when she is eating, caring for puppies, sleeping, or chewing on a toy.

The following signals indicate that a dog is uncomfortable:

– Stiff tail

– Furrowed brow

– Yawning

– Intense stare

– Tensed body

– Pulled back head

– Eyes rolled so that the whites are visible

– Flicking tongue

– Backing away

Dog Bite Lawyer in San Diego County 

Here is what to do if you think that a dog may attack:

– Try your best not to scream or run away

– Remain motionless, with your hands at the sides. Avoid eye contact with the dog.

– The dog will lose interest in you after a while. Slowly back off until he is out of sight.

The above steps may not keep the dog from attacking. If the dog does become aggressive and move towards you to attack, here is what you should to to help prevent being attacked by a dog:

– Look for something that you can put between yourself and the dog, for instance, your jacket and purse.

– If you fall, or if the dog knocks you to the ground, the best way to avoid a dog bite injury is to curl into a ball. Put your hands over the ears, and remain motionless. Try your best not to scream or roll around.

An excessively aggressive dog will still bite. Here is what you need to do if the dog goes ahead and bites:

– Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water

– Visit the hospital or call emergency service

– Report the dog bite injury to the San Diego animal care and control agency.

– Contact dog bite attorneys in San Diego. Once you settle for one, they will help you to get compensation from the dog’s owner.

Dog bite lawyers in San Diego have a vast experience in dog bite cases. They can provide valuable information on how to prevent a dog injury in San Diego.