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Recent Settlements

$337,000 Dog Bite - Pit Bull

$337,000 trial verdict for a 9 year old girl who suffered scars to her forehead, left arm and left leg as a result of being bitten and dragged by a pit bull terrier.

$275,000 Dog Bite - Child

$275,000 settlement at Mediation for a 3 year old child who was knocked down and bitten by a large dog, resulting in facial scarring and mental trauma.

$250,000 Dog Bite

$250,000 settlement for a 50 year old woman who incurred back injuries and facial scarring after being attacked by a pit bull.

$5.5 million Amputation

5.5 million for a landscaper who was struck by a vehicle and suffered a above the knee amputation of his right leg, a femur fracture to his left leg and numerous other injuries.

$1 million Truck Accident

$1 million to a truck driver who was injured when the hooks attached to the engine hood in the vehicle he was operating malfunctioned, blocking his vision and causing him to crash.

$850,000Car Accident

$850,000 settlement for a 38 year old man who fractured his femur when his vehicle was hit head on by another vehicle.

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